Windows 8 released, one-third of users consider Apple

Most Windows users in the U.S. know about Windows 8 but few have immediate plans to upgrade to Microsoft’s newest operating system. What’s more, about one-third of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP users who are ready to buy a new personal computer say they intend to switch to an Apple product.

Fascinating numbers for me, but they must be frightening for Microsoft. Imagine that one-third of the customers planning to purchase a new computer — 16% of the 350,000 people in this survey — decide that your product is so bad, they are switching to the competition. Microsoft has run out of goodwill from its users.

Update: I updated the wording to make the number of people considering a new purchase clear.

  • Oh shit.

  • Stockholm Syndrome has a cure.

  • Good for them. How many years do you pay for the same old boring BS before you try something different/better. I was a Microsoft fanboy for years, even did my best to make fun of Apple lovers… then I actually tried one. Amazing what happens when you educate yourself a little to whats out there….

  • oldbean

    The “one-third” in that paragraph is pretty misleading. From later in the article:

    “Avast’s poll of U.S. Windows users found 16% planned to purchase a new computer. While 68% indicated they would get one of the new Windows 8 models, 30% planned to buy an Apple iPad touch tablet, and 12%, an Apple Macintosh computer.”

    So, not too many people are planning a Windows -> OS X migration. A fair number are planning to buy iPads however, including some of the people who are also planning to buy Windows machines (the numbers add up to 110% and I can’t imagine many people are planning to buy a Mac and a PC).

  • craig

    I switched from the iPhone 4s to the Lumia 920. I think windowsphone 8 is fantastic and the Lumia is a nicer phone. On another note I wouldn’t give up my MacBook pro. Though maybe the iPad for the windows 8 tablet.

    • Alex

      Not fair to compare 4S to 920. 920’s competitor is iPhone 5. And as someone who owned 4, 4S, and now 5, I’ll tell you, 5 is one hell of a jump from 4S. LTE, screen, weight/size, and amazing performance make for a ton of difference. 4S -> 5 is same jump as 2 was to 3G.

      That said, WP8 is fine, and so is 920. Just saying it’s a bit of a wrong comparison. More accurate to compare 4S to last year’s WP crop, which would be Lumia 800 or something.

      • lakawak

        Who said craig was talking about just download speeds when he compared them?

  • Actually, it’s more like 42% looking to buy Apple. Of the people looking to buy something new, 30% are looking to buy an iPad, and 12% a Mac. The remaining 58% were going to buy Win8… though the article has it typo’d as 68%. Bad numbers for both Win8 and the Surface, it seems.

  • While the 1/3 may be misleading, once they are ingrained into Apple’s content/app ecosystem, they’re not going to easily be persuaded to go back…

  • sirshannon

    I am writing this from my first Mac, a 5 day old 27″ iMac. I’ve been building, using, buying, loving, and hating Windows machines for the last 15 years. Windows 8, HP, and the general sorry state of Windows hardware have finally driven me to OSX. I don’t prefer OSX but, unlike Windows, I don’t think it is going in the wrong direction.

  • Nat5150

    I suspect that quite a few of those buyers aren’t deciding Windows is so bad as much as they’re deciding they really like the iPhone or iPad that they or someone they know own.

    Apple doesn’t need people to think Microsoft sucks, they need them to think Apple makes great stuff. This is the mistake I think Microsoft has been making for years. Instead of making great stuff, they copy what a successful competitor is doing (Apple, Google, etc.) and try to tell you theirs is better.

    Then it’s not, plus people are starting to realize that they don’t actually have to run Windows to do what they want to do. That’s a bad combination for Microsoft.

  • The survey indicates most of those people intend buying iPads. I can’t see them throwing out their computers when they own an iPad, but I guess it will delay the feeling of needing to purchase a new pc of any description.

  • Just imagine, people were talking about a halo effect during the iPod era. The iPhone’s success makes the iPod look like a blip on the radar.

  • Kriztyan

    Windows 8 seems to be a bigger dud than Vista for Microsoft. At least with Vista, people complained that is sucked. With Windows 8, it’s worse, people are not even interested. At least a negative reaction is some kind of attention. With Windows 8, MS doesn’t even have that.

    When you try to be everything for everyone, you will fail. “The worst business in the world is trying to please everyone”, – my dad.

  • Sigivald

    One core problem in the analysis is that most people don’t “upgrade Windows”, ever. That’s certainly my experience of watching my friends’ computer use habits. The geeks and Power Users do Windows upgrades on their extant hardware. The majority don’t.

    They get a new version when they get a new computer, which they do every few years, or when a laptop Finally Dies.

    Even a 12% switch rate (as oldbean points out) in the Avast poll is good news for Apple, though.

    (I am unsure how representative the sample is, given that Avast users are a self-selected minority.

    Heck, now that MS has an excellent security tool [MS Security Essentials] I don’t use any competing product on Windows, even the free ones. Difficult to say which direction the sample might skew results, though…)

    • Player_16

      I tried to find someone with a copy of XP. My mates say they either buried it in the shed out-back (never to be seen again), lost it, chucked it out with the rubbish (computer-&/or-all), gave it all away and up-graded to a new wintel PC… or a Mac.

  • Mya Lewis

    I have my doubts that many Windows users will become Mac users.

    They’ll likely give up on a desktop-style personal computer, and choose to use an iPad for the bulk of their home computing needs, something that’s already happening. (I know of two families who have a Windows computer in the house, but it hasn’t been used for months now that they own an iPad.)

    If Microsoft wants to stop this migration, then the Surface has to be a much more compelling product to everyday people. It isn’t that. Not in the least.

  • lakawak

    HEre is how you can tell the difference between REAL journalists and bloggers that are just supplementing their welfare checks. Msot are not going to upgrade AT ALL. A whopping 1.9% said they MAY switch to a full blown Apple computer. Another 11% said they may get an iPad. Big deal…more iPads, iPhones and iPods are synced in a Windows PC than a MAc. I hoenstly can’t tell if you Apple fanboys are really that stupid, or were just grasping for straws. Because it is VERY obvious that the headline of this article is bullshit.

  • lakawak

    The REALITY is, by the time the groundhog is looking for its shadow, Windows 8 will have a higher market share in the desktop/laptop market than EVERY non-Microsoft OS COMBINED.

    • All the article says is 40% of those people considering buying a new product are intending on getting an Apple product, the bulk of which will be an iPad. No one is contesting Windows’ market dominance in the desktop market. But as you are no doubt aware, there is quite a shift happening in user behaviour toward mobiles and tablets as primary computing devices. Yay for windows winning last decades war, the intrigue we have now is in what the future of personal computing will look like.