Rene Ritchie nails it

Rene Ritchie on why Samsung won’t settle with Apple:

Being Apple without being Apple led to Samsung becoming far and away the leading Android phone vendor by market share, and there’s likely no amount of wrist-slapping that with level the playing field for vendors like HTC and Motorola which chose to go with more unique, more authentic products from the get-go.

Samsung blatantly copied Apple and made billions. They continue to make huge amounts of money, far more than any court settlement could give Apple. Hell, I wouldn’t settle either.

  • Tvaddic

    If Samsung pays the $6 per device HTC is rumored to be paying, that would be $300 million a quarter, it is cheaper for Samsung is pay a billion every time it is taken to court.

  • hrpanjwani

    and this is exactly why even the 1 billion fine does not really matter in the end. injunctions on current and future devices are what is required. this is why patents on rounded corners make sense. Samsung’s copy cat techniques awarded it the 2nd place while HP’s original webOS design could not compete in a market filled with idevice clones. Those who could not afford Apple or did not like the company, bought Samsung’s copied products. HP’s mismanagement was the bigger reason for webOS’ failure but I think this was a huge factor too.

    • JohnDoey

      There was no patent on rounded corners. Period.

  • JohnDoey

    Samsung doesn’t matter long-term. They don’t have the software infrastructure to compete with OS X and NT on ARM devices over the rest of this decade as the bulk of Mac/Windows computing moves over to ARM architecture. It has already happened for OS X and NT just got started. Samsung has yet to start. They are making phones that look like computer phones, but are really just a best-of-2005 smartphone with a 2007 iPhone paint job.

    If you have a Windows PC and a feature phone, a Samsung smartphone is awesome. But once the Windows PC is replaced with an iPad (the best-selling $300–$800 PC for 2 years now,) the Samsung phone is a joke. It has no native apps! Its Java applets are almost as weak as the Web. It has no software updates, no security, and runs malware.

    A few years from now, your phone will be 100% a mini version of your PC. Its primary function will be to run the same apps from your PC. Same as iPod enabled you to take “iTunes to go.” Your pocket computer needs to have a to-go version of your core digital tools. For some that is Keynote and Salesforce, for some it is iPhoto and Tumblr. I already use GarageBand on iPhone as a front-end for Logic on the Mac, because Logic imports GarageBand documents.

    Apple bought 2 or 3 chip designers and started making their own system-on-a-chip, replacing Samsung in iPhone components. Where are Samsung’s acquisitions of software companies to replace Apple in (stolen) Galaxy components? They need to have over 1000 software engineers to compete with OS X and NT. No, Google does not have them either. Even when you count Linux. So it is not hard to see who is making the software for 2015 and it is not Samsung or Google.

    • normm

      Google has about 15,000 software engineers worldwide. Since Samsung phones are now much more profitable than Google, Asymco has suggested that they may eventually buy Google.