Rampant abuse of push notifications

Jeff Hunter:

The abuse of push notifications is spreading across the App Store. As a result, users are starting to reflexively reject app requests to send push notifications.

I couldn’t agree more. Some of the uses of push notifications have gotten way out of hand. Some apps even pop up notifications when you open the app advertising some of their other products. I hate it.

[Via Ben Brooks]

  • thomas

    Report the bastards … guidelines are pretty clear on what you can and can’t do with push notifications …

  • I received push notifications from an app asking me to actually open it…I deleted it instead

  • I noticed this fairly early on in my iPhone ownership, and quickly rejected notifications from virtually every app. With the exception of email, calendar, text messages, and breaking news, I can’t think of a single app that NEEDS to get my attention immediately.

  • terpacks

    More like pushy notifications.. amirite?!

  • Dave Brandt

    I downloaded Instacast HD recently; it presents an alert like that — except that it is in an endless loop!! It reappears so quickly that I cannot tap a button on the screen underneath it. If I switch to another app, Instacast’s message box reappears on top of the other app’s screen! The only way to kill it is to reboot the iPad itself. I emailed Apple/App Store support and the developer. The developer hasn’t answered in 10 days and Apple said to contact the developer!