Living with Lumia

Christina Warren locked her iPhone away and is only using the Nokia Lumia 920 for the next 10 days. Good luck.

  • Really? Who cares? It’s not like she’s switching permanently. 10 days is nothing.

    • Ten days might be just enough for me to learn where everything is in a mobile OS, but not necessarily to get good at finding it without thinking about it.

  • ac_mire

    I like my 900, don’t really miss anything about the iPhone. More and more these days, a phone is a phone is a phone.

    • gjgustav

      If you don’t use a lot of apps, switching is easy. If you use apps beyond Twitter, Facebook, and Angry Birds, switching becomes harder.

      • ac_mire

        True to a point, but there are few cases where you can’t find the same app or at least a functional equivalent on a given platform.

  • My mother-n-law just upgraded 2 weeks ago and I showed her a lot of phones. She chose the Lumia, which was a suggestion I made since she’ll have Windows 8 soon as well.

    She loves it. Her tech level is low but she absolutely got it without having to go into grave details. Great device, IMHO.

  • Ew. Never thought I would see a link to Mashable posted here.

  • If the inspirational Jessica Alba can do it, anyone can.

  • Nicholas

    “Living with Lumia” sounds like the title of a documentary about coping with disease…