Adobe support site hacked

News of the intrusion surfaced late Tuesday, when a hacker claiming to be from Egypt claimed the hack and proved it by releasing 644 records from the site, including emails, saying that the release was done to prove that Adobe is slow in fixing security issues with sites and products it releases.

I bet they got Adobe’s attention now.

  • imthedude

    Another day, another hole in an adobe product. They are by far the worst company security wise.

  • Ouch!

  • Oh, FFS. I wish engineers were still running that company.

    • You mean like a CEO with a Masters in Computer Science? Yeah, that’d be sweet. #sarcasm 😉

      • No, I mean like John Warnock, John Knoll, or for that matter, William Hewlett or David Packard.

        Thanks for the sarcasm. Much appreciated.

        • No prob. I’m hear Monday-Sunday. 😉

          • You prefer the Marketing MBAs who run both of those companies now?

          • I know a ton of Adobe folks and know a lot about their processes. While I don’t agree w/ many choices, I believe in the people of the company.

            On that note, Bruce Chizen seemingly ran a tighter ship but I’m not too familiar w/ his years pre-Macromedia merger.

          • The people who do the vital work at Adobe are probably exceptional, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t being run by Marketing and Sales wonks.

          • Agreed and most of my problems are w/ marketing/sales decisions but there are some quality upper level people there.