Nothing, absolutely nothing goes right for RIM

BlackBerry or iPhone? It’s been a battle for years, but Apple’s smartphone offering may be the healthier pick for anyone with allergies, according to new research from the U.S.Nickel used in the production of the Canadian Research In Motion product has been found on the device’s buttons and keyboards, where it could cause an allergic reaction such as dry, itchy skin, says a study presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI).

What happens next, you touch a BlackBerry and puppies cry out in pain?

  • wait, could we have a selector on that? Because if I could pick who cries out in pain, I’d buy three right now.

  • Jugney

    At least, not on this blog it doesn’t.

    Not that I’m a BB fan – all my devices are Apple – but does that really mean we have to put down other companies to make ourselves feel better about our decision to buy Apple?

    • gjgustav

      I’m not sure I see where he’s putting them down here. Pointing out a string of bad luck isn’t putting anyone down.

    • It’s not possible to put RIM down at this point, other than in the behind-the-shed Old Yeller sort of way.

    • Steven Fisher

      “When reality is amusing, it should be ignored”?

  • Picking on RIM is just too easy, anymore. Can you pick a new company that “just doesn’t get it?” There are plenty to choose from. 😉

  • CapnVan

    “you touch a BlackBerry and puppies cry out in pain?”

    For some reason, my wife’s BB’s onscreen keyboard (provided by work) is in what appears to be Turkish (I’m not sure, not my language). Long story short, the “i” isn’t an “i” — it lacks the dot. So she can’t type in, say, an email address that has an “i” in it. The space bar is labelled something like “Bresluk”.

    She forgot it at home last week. I spent ten minutes with it, trying to figure out how to change the keyboard setting to English. Couldn’t figure it out. Keyboard settings? Nope. The built-in help is absolutely worthless.

    It’s not like the other parts of the OS aren’t in English, of course. How does that make sense? “Yes, I’d prefer to type in Turkish, but read in English! Love it!”

    Now, I’m sure, if I wanted to invest the time, I could figure it out with some time online.

    But frankly, just dealing with it at all pains me.

    • dvdphn

      I’m not familiar with Blackberry OS, but a friend of mine recently switched to iPhone 4 from Blackberry Torch. From what I recall, try settings option for languages, keyboard, and whatever else input Blackberries have. Make sure to save settings, (not use the ‘back’ button, press the Blackberry menu button, and there might be a ‘save’ option), and then turn the device off for a few minutes and back on. If that doesn’t work, try a reset, (which I believe involves taking out the battery and pressing/holding some button for a bit, then putting the battery back in).

      • CapnVan

        Thanks, dvdphn. The wife’s on a business trip for a couple of weeks, but I’ll see what I can do when she gets back.

        If I may say, I do think your instructions continue to illustrate why dealing with BBs could well hurt puppies!

  • Rich

    I know they aren’t entirely made of nickel, but isn’t there nickel in, wait for it, nickels? Shouldn’t that be the bigger story if the journalist is concerned about the 8 or 9% of North Americans allergic to nickel. After all, everyone is expected to be able to use currency. Not everyone is forced to use a Blackberry that may or may not have trace amounts of nickel on the surface if it has been ‘well used’.

    Oh, but then you might have do real reporting and find news worth everyone’s time.

    • People generally don’t have issues with coinage because the contact is fleeting. The issue is with extended contact, like you get from earrings, a necklace, or a smartphone.

    • Steven Fisher

      “Not entirely”: it’s 75% copper.

  • Steven Fisher

    Jim, stop throwing BlackBerries at puppies. We understand your contempt for them (BlackBerries), even share it, but injuring innocent puppies is just a step too far.

  • I’ve always been allergic to bad companies & their products.