Nexus 4 sells out in the UK

But it appears that the newest Nexus hardware is selling out fast. Both versions of Nexus 4 are now listed as ‘coming soon’ on the Play Store in the U.K., and the 32GB version of the Nexus 10 tablet is also apparently no longer in stock.

That’s great. I can’t wait to hear from Google exactly how many they sold.

  • I’ve still got the sale page on a 30 second auto refresh, and an alert if “notify me” disappears from the page :p. Missed out earlier due to the reliability of the site.

  • Great news. Doubt we’ll hear the actual numbers though. They didn’t release Nexus 7 numbers, did they?

  • Justin credible.

  • If this were the iPad mini: “Steve Jobs would have never underestimated demand so badly that a product would sell out in minutes.”

  • Luke

    When will Google tell us how many they’ve sold? Right after Apple tells us how many iPad minis they’ve sold.

  • Techpm

    How can it sell out. Isn’t Google making more of them?

    I’d expect waiting time but the “Sold out, come back later” is a bit strange, to put it nicely.

    • I assume your expection of “waiting time” is what they mean. In other words, right now “there aren’t any available to ship so wait until they have more.”

      • Techpm

        Yes but why not allow orders to be placed in order to be fulfilled when they start shipping again.

        This is the UK after all, the art of queuing is even part of the citizenship test.

        • I’ve heard of some leaning on the refresh button daily. lol.

          I agree though on a notify or similar. I don’t know why they’d stick with a “check back” message.