New iPad mini TV ads

The ads are called Photos and Books.

  • mvcmendes

    The first one was pretty cool. I’ve watched it quite a few times. Photos is fun, but Books feels like a stretch to me. Everyone who is in advertising has been in this situation, that you try to fit your concept and hope for the best. While the first one is great and the second one still captures that, and while I do get the whole name opposition thing in the Books one, it just didn’t quite do justice to the other two.

  • Photos is cutesy. Books is meh.

  • These aren’t very good. Photos is ok. But just ok.

    Putting the iPads side by side feels like a mistake. They look too similar. When people hold the mini it clicks. Wow this thing is so thin and light. But to just look at it next to a full sized iPad it just comes off as a slightly smaller iPad and fuels the “what’s the point?” fire I keep hearing from people.

  • Short and sweet.

  • Note to Samsung: True class is about comparing one to oneself. Not others.