Let’s count the ways this is great

John Gruber on Dell’s new ad.

  • Misleading headline – I can’t find a single way…

    • justin_horn

      Looks like a broken chair, sounds like a good anti-theft feature.

      • jwoodgett

        Looks like an Ikea ad. Now there’s the future for Dell!

  • “The Dell XPS 12 Duo looks like a MacBook Air merged with an iPad. So cool and ultraportable.”

    Hmm what planet…. it looks nothing like a MacBook Air or an iPad. Why on earth would you use this quote alongside an image that immediately demonstrates how misleading and worthless the choice of words are?

  • Maybe I am missing something and C.P Boyd is some famous internet dude that everybody should have heard of – but isn’t C.P. Boyd just some random dude?

    I thought there was a reason that they printed “It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read – Stephen King” on the back of books and not “It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read – John Doe Smith”…

    So if i were to say that this XPS 12 looks like it will fall apart very soon, will Dell print this in their next ad?

  • MacsenMcBain

    Note to Dell shareholders:

    Sell! Sauve qui peut!

  • If you have to define your product by referencing another company’s products you lose.

    Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner!

  • don

    Mr. Boyd was being sarcastic, right?

  • I’ve got it. The XPS 12 Duo is actually a desk fan.

    See, you set it down, flip open the screen, then give the rotating display a whack and watch it rotate while the plastic parts squeak.