Bud Buttons: Magnetic cord management for earphones

This is an intriguing product. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t get frustrated with earphone cords.

  • Agreed.

  • So this is for people who aren’t aware that they can put the wires under their t-shirts? Why not just release an instructional ebook to teach those people?

    • gjgustav

      Under the shift could be annoying for joggers, or other activities, but yeah, I don’t see a need for me either.

  • Mother Hydra

    I love the idea but therein lies the product. The concept is cool, but who is really going to buy a mess of these and sew a new (and strangely colored, likely not to blend in) button on all their fave garments. Seems incredibly unrealistic.

  • Joe Stauffer

    thanks @theloop for the post! i invented bud buttons because as a cyclist and jogger the cord kept snagging and pulling at my ears. down the shirt is the age old solution…but that just gets nasty sweaty and still pulls at the ears. i’ve found them to be very helpful in many different applications. thanks again, joe