Apple’s Holiday Gift Guide

The one-stop Apple shop.

  • Andy Orr

    No mention of iMacs. Apple’s silence on this issue is very unsettling.

    • Dennis Madrid

      I’m guessing they were aiming at a certain range of prices for their holiday guide. The only Mac they show is the 11″ Air ($999), anything over that (13″ Air, MacBook Pro, Retina, iMac) isn’t shown. The Mac Mini isn’t listed either, but it’s probably not as popular a gift as the laptops. I also found it interesting that the AppleTV is listed on all 4 guides (iPad, Mac, iPhone, and iPod). Maybe Apple is subtly encouraging the giving of and use of them?

      • MacsenMcBain

        The iMac is also still “coming soon” on the website. Maybe they’ll add it in once it ships.