Vintage Aston blown up in new Bond movie was 3D printed (via Gizmodo):

“Propshop commissioned us to build three plastic models of the Aston Martin DB5. We could have easily printed the legendary sports car in one piece at a scale of 1:3 using our high-end VX4000 printer, which can build moulds and models in dimensions of up to eight cubic metres. But the British model builders were pursuing a different approach. To ensure that the Aston Martin was as true to detail as possible, and for the purpose of integrating numerous functions into the film models, they decided on an assembly consisting of a total of 18 individual components. The entire body is based on a steel frame, almost identical to how vehicles were assembled in the past,” says voxeljet CEO Dr. Ingo Ederer.

So Voxeljet actually printed individual car components to replicate the vintage Aston Martin DB5 that meets its untimely end in Skyfall. Even then, though, it wasn’t cheap – one of the surviving models was auctioned off for $100,000.