In-Flight Wi-Fi gets faster

I still have not tried in-flight Wi-Fi. Every time I fly they tell me it’s not available on that flight or it’s broken.

  • The flight attendants are probably afraid of all that streaming beard porn.

  • Flight? I thought you traveled by dogsled…

  • mdhughes

    Gogo on Virgin America has always worked for me, and it’s sorta fast and reliable. Playing multiplayer games would be bad, web surfing and chat were fine.

  • @ChristoDeluxe

    The only time I had working WiFi on a flight, it was quite good for web browsing and email. I even managed to sell my used snow tires on Kijiji.

  • janakj

    I’m posting this from a transcon flight. It’s sometimes spotty, but for basic web and email, it’s extremely useful. I can do a significant amount of work from the air. These improvements will be much-welcomed.