Halo 4 grabs $220 million on launch day

Action-shooter “Halo 4,” released last Tuesday, is on its way to reaching $300 million in global sales in its first week, making it the biggest launch in the decade-old Halo franchise’s history, the company said.

I love my Xbox, but never got into Halo. Still this is one product in Microsoft’s arsenal that is hugely successful.

  • rattyuk

    Only successful when you back out all that money they threw at it, A billion here, a billion there written off can “buy” success. Never forgave them from stealing Halo from Apple.

    • MacsenMcBain

      Now I’m no Microsoft fan but I know that that’s not quite right. They didn’t “steal” it from Apple. They bought Bungie, and prevented Halo from premiering on the Mac, or simultaneously on Mac and Windows. Bungie was free to let themselves be bought.

      • rattyuk

        I was playin’ fast and loose with the facts yes.

        But remember Halo was demoed at a Macworld Keynote and it was going to be a Mac exclusive as had all of Bungie’s titles (yes they did release Marathon for the PC eventually).

        Microsoft threw money at it to get them some exclusive eyeballs on the Xbox. But water under the bridge now and in 1999 Apple had other things on it’s plate to deal with.

    • Greg

      You can’t forgive a company for paying another company for rights to a video game? Even after all these years, and even when this stuff happens all the time? You need to get over it.

      Microsoft has done a good job with the Halo series. Find a better reason than that to be a contrarian.

      • rattyuk

        Strategically at the time it was a very smart move for Microsoft – a bit like when they put 150 million into Apple when Jobs returned – with the rise in Apple’s share price they made something approaching a billion dollars on that deal. If they had left the money in of course…

  • tylernol

    Halo 4 is loads of fun. Not really that much different from the other ones, but it is a good formula and Microsoft has not squandered the series.