BlackBerry 10 devices coming January 30

The sad part is most people don’t expect much from RIM with these new devices. I can’t imagine the reception will be positive and I think this is the company’s last stand.

  • Holy shit, I’m going to line up now.

    • Player_16

      I’m right behind ya!

  • DanPierce

    On the other hand, they have lowered expectations so much that as long as the phones don’t explode in your hand, they’ll be considered a success.

  • I was rear-ended by a lady with a blackberry last week. It made it worse to see the BB since she had no clue how to just take a picture of my insurance info and move on.

    • DanPierce

      Why didn’t she just use the excellent keyboard to take down the insurance info?

      • I thought the same but she could barely make a call. It was ridiculous. I was done 10 seconds after she handed me her insurance info. :-/

        • Do you know whether she’d been talking on the phone when she hit you?

          • I suspect she was because her excuse was pretty weak (I was looking at the next green light and the car in front of you); mind you her car was a compact and I was in a Mustang. :-/

          • Ach. No injuries, I hope.

          • Nah, all was well. It wasn’t a big hit. Thx for the concern though.

  • Just in time for… oh, wait. Nevermind.

  • These new products will appeal to a large demographic of users who like discounted hardware running unsupported abandonware OS cancelled one week after launch. Just think of all the HP TouchPad owners waiting in line for the nextGen platforgone.