Ballmer: Surface sales off to ‘modest’ start

Mr. Ballmer declined to give exact figures for sales of Microsoft’s 1 1/2-pound tablet computer, introduced Oct. 26 to compete with Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) highly successful iPad.

Apple sold 3 million iPads in three days.

  • Dave Caolo

    But it has a magnet that clicks.

    • Dom Esposito

      I know, I’m baffled too. Bahahaha

  • Moeskido
  • Jeff Weisbein

    Oh, so it’s not an iPad killer?

  • CCullen

    Schadenfreude is a dangerous Karma catalyst. We like competition remember, this is why we needed Apple to begin with.

    • Moeskido

      We do like competition, but have you seen any product that could conceivably earn as much consumer praise as the iPad? I’m still waiting.

  • EzraWard
  • franksspam

    I thought another money quote was this, “The CEO also said that in the three months following Surface’s launch, Microsoft plans to offer a high-end version of its tablet equipped with Intel Corp.’s (INTC) new processor and a higher-definition screen.”

    3 months after releasing the original? And we thought that iPad (3) owners were mad! :-)