The Nickelback story

I know people hate them, but they make millions of dollars and sell out concerts everywhere.

  • thomas

    “sell out” is right 😉

    (honestly, great on them, from what i’ve heard they put on a great show)

  • imthedude

    For that matter so did The Spice Girls, and they were never exactly considered to have much talent. Play something over and over enough times and people start to accept it.

    That’s not to mention all the songs sound the same.

  • imthedude

    As illustrated in this youtube video:

  • “they make millions of dollars and sell out concerts everywhere”

    What’s your point? Millions of people eat Velveeta.

  • Steven Fisher

    I doubt I’d have ever paid for tickets, but I got a ticket to one of their shows free.

    Aside from the drinking antics (which their younger fans seemed to appreciate), they put on a pretty incredible show. We were way at the back/side and could feel the heat coming off the pyrotechnics at many points in the show.

  • I work with the lead guitar player’s brother. Those guys are a massive hit here in So. Cal. Concerts on the beach, because they like to do it, means sometimes they’re not doing it to rake in the dough. They love to entertain their fans.

  • tylernol

    I dont like Nickleback’s music but their success and Kroeger’s business acumen points to the fact that in order to have success as an artist or musician these days, marketing and business savvy go further than technical chops or originally. Bands that ignore this will probably never escape their day jobs.

  • I don’t care for their music, but I have no idea why people hate them so much.