Seems fishy to me

Trash Apple and then start buying the stock when it falls. Come on.

  • MoodyBlue

    Is it even legal?

    • If you don’t invest other’s money/aren’t affiliated with an entity that does, then yes, it’s legal. I mean, it does seem jerkish, but if you think about it, there’s nothing wrong with calling a stock too expensive and then saying “ok it’s a good value now.” The only part the guy is a dick about is calling Apple DOOM, not bad stock price, and then suddenly and without explanation forgoing his previous reasons. “Doomed” and “Has overpriced stock” are two different things.

  • Techpm

    Looks like another Henry Blodget in the making.

    • tylernol

      why anyone listen to Blodget in 2012 is beyond me. Did everyone forget his antics in the .com boom?

  • And still the critics of Wall Street and it’s rigged shell game are accused of “hating the rich”.

  • doug kass is a well-known whore. ask anyone exposed to the toxic world of or the motley fool.

  • tylernol

    this has been going on for a long time. It is very cyclical. I was expecting a plethoria of Apple-is-doomed scare down stories leading into the holidays. Take a look at last year. There is always a huge pop after this quarter’s earning are announced. Apple is dominating but there is still this fear held by many about it being too focused and being on the cusp of being overtaken by competitors(Android, Windows, Kindle), that makes it succeptible to panic selling. I was however surprised at the level of Apple’s stock price taking a beating . I expected a 10% drop from 700, which was 630. The fact that it actually dropped 20% was shocking. Now that Kass,etc are buying in, I would not be surprised at it being back in the mid 600’s by the end of the month.

  • pawhite524

    I just read Standard Operating Procedure when these stories arise.

    Many of us are aware of the The Long Con practiced by only the most adroit of con men and women. To me this sums up the Stock Market. Manipulate stock prices and get paid for buy and sell orders? Sweeeeet!

    Troubled by gasoline prices? Just look to the Stock Market and the Big Oil company collusion for what needs to be changed when the pricing of a commodity is removed from the basic laws of supply and demand…

  • vicky

    What’s more fishy is you linking to the same thing as Gruber did. Do you really think in your small mind that anyone who reads your rant does not read daringfireball. Daring Fireball was at least original. You are just an irritating wanna-be character.

    • Your choice not to read Loop. DF and Loop cover Apple/tech so stories overlap at times.

      If you don’t like the channel, change your station.

    • Player_16

      You’re new to this, right? When you read a few more of these (and other similar, independent blogs), you’ll know the stories weave.

  • Boo

    Outsider trading? 😛