UK judges furious with Apple

This is like a comedy.

  • Bahahaha

  • Domicinator

    I look at it this way—it was a BS thing to make Apple do, so they’re responding with a BS apology.

    • DMX

      Maybe the judge should just write the apology and then give it to Apple. Won’t it be enough that Samsung won the case and the news report that cover the case make it clear. Not sure why Apple has to do anything at all.

  • It was a dumb penalty imposed by the judge in the first place. What does he expect??

    • Apple to respect his judgment and UK law.

      • Colin Jensen

        His Judgement is that Apple must post a notice and sign it even though Apple disagrees with the facts stated in the notice. He also threw a fit when they included factual quotes from others. There is nothing to respect about such a judgement. The UK’s lack of Free Speech continues to be disturbing; they need to codify it as the US has done.

        • Come on now, we all know what Apple were doing. I think even Jim commented how clever Apple were with the original notice posted. Certainly many other pro-Apple tech bloggers did and commented on Apple’s genius in addressing the judgement the Apple way.

          Unfortunately for Apple, their smug superior attitude came back to bite them on the ass this time. And now they have a very pissed off judge watching over them like a hawk.

          • Jim

            The entire world scrutinizes Apple on a daily basis. One judge “watching them over like a hawk” is not going to effect them in the least. Weather their “attitude” was smug and superior or not is your opinion and is certainly not shared by all. I for one found the judgement to be ridiculous as many have. Apple posted what this idiotic judge wanted them to. If he actually does have the time to watch them like a hawk then maybe he needs a new job. Considering his decision in this care I think that may be appropriate.

          • Any company you don’t particularly like at the moment behaves with a “smug superior attitude.” All the others are merely doing business.

  • Does the judge have any idea how long the lead time is for publishing in a magazine? He’s certainly had his fifteen minutes of fame.

  • Next he’s going to make Tim Cook stand on a corner with a sign.

  • tylernol

    Apple should put an animated gif of Bart Simpson doing “Eat My Shorts” on their homepage in the UK while they are forced to run that footer statement.

  • The Silver Fox

    This isn’t the first time Apple has been involved in controversial legal activities in the UK. Many years ago Apple seized the domain from its registered owner even though the owner of the domain had owned it since before Apple created iTunes. It looks like someone has finally stood up to Apple in the UK for their behavior.

  • That judge needs to be kicked in the balls.