Apple named the world’s most innovative company

For the third year in a row, we asked our survey participants to name the companies they thought were the world’s most innovative. This year, Apple didn’t just top the rankings (as it did the past two years); it increased its lead substan- tially. The company — which in Au- gust 2012 became the most valuable in history, measured by market capi- talization — was named by almost 80 percent of respondents as one of the three most innovative companies in the world, up from 70 percent last year.

You can download the PDF report.

  • Like Patton Oswalt, I’m going to cross my fingers and hope some nutbars think its open mic night and wander in…

    • CapnVan

      Wow, what a great audience!

      So, thousands of fandroids have had simultaneous heart attacks. Have you seen this? Have you heard this?

      • If a thousand Fandroids are convulsing in their basements this minute, how would I know that?

  • Domicinator

    The BS we read/write every day in the “tech world”, aka the vocal minority of nerds that are addicted to tech news, is not usually based in reality. And by that I mean that end users decide what they like and what they don’t. Smear campaigns against Apple don’t change the fact that Apple makes good stuff that their users love. The media has made a cottage industry out of bashing Apple to gain clicks and ad revenue, and stock analysts profit every time they artificially drive the stock prices down, because they make money on the selloff. Then they ride the slingshot back up and get to do it all over again.

    Honestly, it’s the single most frustrating thing about following Apple news. When you’re on top, everyone is gunning for you. AMZN loses $275 million and they get rewarded on Wall Street. GOOG loses $2 billion in market cap in 2 days, and their stock doesn’t budge. AAPL posts an $8 billion profit in a non-holiday quarter, and their stock tanks because it wasn’t good enough.

    Writers on The Verge, Endgadget, Gizmodo, etc. constantly harp on how bored they are with iOS or the design of the iPhone or the way a calendar icon looks. An actual customer who only buys a new phone once every 2 years and isn’t handed free hardware every two seconds for review purposes, is going to look at the iPhone 5 and say, “Holy shit this is amazing.” It’s the vocal minority that is bored with Apple. The rest of the world is drooling over the iPad Mini and trying to figure out how to get one in their kids’ stockings this Xmas season, and those people don’t read tech blogs or reviews. They happen to walk by an Apple store in the mall, see the iPad Mini sitting there for them to try, and they are blown away. They don’t have some cynical prick from the internet standing there telling them what they should think, so they buy what they like.

    THIS is why Apple continues to do well. Despite all the horse shit you read on the internet about Apple this and Apple that, real customers that don’t read tech sites all day and don’t care enough about these things to wish for the demise of one company or another will just buy what they like and what they can see and feel at the store. Hence, amazing sales for Apple every year. (Which will, from now on, never be good enough for Wall Street or the technorati.)

    • rj

      “GOOG loses $2 billion in market cap in 2 days, and their stock doesn’t budge.”


      • Domicinator

        I was thinking about that–it did go down. In my tirade I might have exaggerated a bit. However, they only got skewered by the media for about 10 minutes and then it was as if all was well in Google land. Google’s business model is non-sustainable, but they’re not being dragged through the mud the way Apple is with their very solid and sound business model.