Windows 8 apps have built-in ads

So apps in Windows 8 have built-in advertisements. Wow. Microsoft is totally thinking about the user experience in its new operating system.

  • Well, they got make up the lost revenue from selling the OS at $40 somehow.

    • Since Apple made the OSX $19… it’s full of ads now

      • gjgustav

        Sorry, what ads are in Mountain Lion?

      • Player_16

        Yeah, and it comes in 6 versions.

      • Ben Garner

        Microsoft won’t sell their OS for $19 because they are primarily a software company. Apple is primarily a hardware company, so they could give the OS away for free if they wanted to because it can only (officially, hackintoshes non-withstanding) be run on their hardware.

        • Make sense, but don’t forget, Microsoft earn a lot of money with schools, governments around the world and many other companies, with huge deals and monopolies… and Apple don’t.

          Apple is a Software and Hardware company. They spend a lot of money on R&D just for hardware. And offcouse, with software too. OSX can be “Mac Only” but there’s a lot of work there.

  • No compromises – Microsoft

  • Surface or just desktop version?

  • tyr

    Oh Microsoft. One step forward, five steps back.

  • Classy as ever. Can’t wait to hear about the new crapware, too.

  • Uh-oh, Steve Jobs actually patented ad-supported operating systems back in 2008 -.-

  • JohnDoey

    So do iOS apps, and iOS is the main competitor to Windows 8. Comparing Windows to the Mac is obsolete. The $400 price point that Windows systems sell at is an iPad price point now.

    • Techpm

      These are system apps, not third party.

      • Yeah, can’t defend system apps having ads by default. Developer apps is fine but not system.

    • gjgustav

      What built-in iOS app has ads? We’re talking about apps that came with Windows – that the user paid Microsoft for.

  • Ben Garner

    Android and iOS do not have ads in the built-in apps. Android even has a built-in News and Weather app which does not have ads. Why is MS doing this?