I don’t give a shit what you just bought, shut up

“Why I bought an iPad mini” and “Why I didn’t buy an iPad mini” articles are the height of tech blogger solipsism. No one gives a shit how you spend your money. Shut up and write something interesting, fool.

  • Why I buy Charmin.

    Cuz I gotta take a shit.

    • Peter Cohen

      Oh yeah? Cottonelle isn’t good enough for your ass, Charmintard?

      • Said like a Cottonelle fanboy. Have you even tried the open weave pattern on the new Charmin? Open is better.

    • Why I gotta take a shit.

      Cuz I had Mexican for lunch.

    • You Scotttissue haters are what’s wrong with the Internet.

  • Derrick S

    Ha! Tell that to Jim and all his music gadget posts…zZzzz….

  • Bitter much?

  • I bought a 20oz Pepsi Max. I should write about why I didn’t buy Sprite Zero.

  • BC2009

    I just bought a Mac mini on craigslist and then ordered 16GB of RAM for it on OWC. Now let me tell you how it changed my life….. zzzzzzzzzz

  • Interesting how soon this post followed the “my advice is you write what you like” post by Jim

    “Here is the one rule that I follow and have followed for the last 20 years of writing: Be honest.” 😉

    • Sometimes this blog just cracks me up.

    • André J M Villar

      Well, the point i think he’s making, wich i agree on:

      “Write what you like if you have an opnion to share, DON’T write a “Why”, “How”, “Should”, “Top” kind article if you feel that it would give you pageviews but you don have shit to say in it.

      • “Here’s why I bought an iPad. Maybe you can relate to my situation and it will help you make your own decision.”

        Yeah, that’s just awful. How DARE they.

  • And I took a photo of my lunch with my new iPad mini. Look! Here it is!…

  • I’m a big fan of this site, but I’m apparently someone you now consider a ‘fool’. So what if it’s self-indulgent? If its all the same with you, I’m going to continue writing about what I want to write about, because, you know, that’s what personal blogs are for.

    P.S. Yes, I know, total sense of humour failure.

    • but he did say ” tech blogger solipsism” which is not quite the same as a personal blog… you can write what you want as long as you’re not doing it for pageviews (sensationalist headlines)

  • Colonel Tao

    I just learn a new word today: Solipsism form latin Solus and Ipse.


    It reminds me of Lorem Ipseum.


    It’s an interesting coincidence since, and I agree with you, most tech blogger mix container and contents.

    Maybe it’s human!

  • lol 😀 I tend to fall for the trap and answer with the reasons why I got X gadget 🙁

  • i didnt buy a mini because I bought a nexus 7.

    foolishly, i believed that the Nexus 7 would be the onee android device that would be a good experience….so that would be my excuse to finally buy an android device, and screw around in their dev environment,

    i was wrong, its a piece of garbage and when i tookmit to bestbuy for a trade in, all they would offer was plastic vampire teeth….and they were dropped there by some kid at halloween because even he didnt like plastic.

    stupid googorola