Dan Lyons’ angry writing

Dan Lyons was funny as Fake Steve Jobs, but as someone trying to be taken seriously as a writer, he’s failing. He seems angry, bitter and completely out of touch.

  • I understand trying to make websites touch friendly, but man is ReadWrite an ugly site. It looks incredibly stupid on a computer.

    • JohnDoey

      The problem is a massive failure in Web design, which has degraded into the practice of making a document harder to read. Including the practice of hardware detection, the third-worst way to break the Web, and multiple URL’s for one document, which is the second-worst way to break the Web, and content-hiding, which is the worst way to break the Web. All 3 are also the major Web design trends of the past 5 years.

  • Have you ever linked to a piece critical of Apple without launching into a withering personal attack of the author?

    • JohnDoey

      This is a link to a troll, not a critic. There are many examples on this blog of posts that link to a critic while agreeing with the criticism.

    • Slurpy2k11

      It’s Dan Lyons, the guy has made a career out of being a lying, Apple-hater and troll. Seriously, go read some of his shit. He’s been wrong about everything, and his writing is is nothing more than angry, foaming at the mouth hit pieces. You’d struggle to find a real, salient fact in any of his pieces.

    • Dan Lyon’s doesn’t have the luxury of getting a fresh view of his work every time he writes. He has already proven conclusively that he has a hair up his ass about Apple, and this article by PED just points to Lyon’s work to justify the conclusion. When Lyon’s gets over himself and writes articles with more effort to make a point and less effort put into to ginning up hits, Lyon’s can ask that his work be reassessed.

      Until that time, Lyon’s will assume to be writing angry, misinformed screeds about Apple because that’s all he has been writing about Apple for almost two years.

  • JohnDoey

    He was rarely good as Fake Steve Jobs. That blog started as an anti-Apple, anti-Jobs piece, but he accidentally created an endearing satire that drew in a large audience of both pro- and anti- Apple people. But even after that success, he was always trying to sneak in some Apple/Jobs-bashing. Ultimately, he wrote an anti-Jobs book about the tiny options dating scandal — remember that? That was his takeaway from the first 10 years of the Apple comeback. Small.

    • Techpm

      I agree, he’s always been a troll, just managed to be a humorous one sometimes.

      Remember when he lied by claiming Apple had paid him to stop writing? He stops at nothing to get attention.

      He must feel powerful in his new role at ReadWriteWeb and trolls who think they are powerful are the worse kind. It’s going to be downhill from here on.

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