Color Perfect Pixelmator

A big update was released for Pixelmator today that adds Soft Proofing, a feature that allows users to preview and work in CMYK colors.

  • gjgustav

    This is huge. If I were Adobe, I’d be a little concerned now.

  • Good news indeed. I’ve been trying to see if Pixelmator is able to make Animated GIFs (I need to make one for a client) Any idea if it can be done?

  • adrianoconnor

    Good news. Still can’t compete with Photoshop on the smart shapes (and then filters/styles on the shapes). I’m no graphics pro, but the designers I work with use those shapes and styles extensively.

    Also, the type tool in Photoshop is terrible — Pixelmator could have really made that a key feature, but instead they decided to make their text handling just as bad (unless I’m just not working with it properly. It seems to me that using text in any graphics tool, except maybe Fireworks, is a nightmare — nothing places where you want, kerning individual letters is just horrid, colors pickers and fonts just behave in bizarre ways and so on).

  • This is a huge deal. Now we just need them to make a worthy replacement for illustrator and I’d be set.