Avid WoW player wins Maine state senate seat after all

In early October we brought you the news that a state senate candidate in Maine was attacked by the opposition for being an avid World of Warcraft enthusiast. Smear ads tried to paint her as out of touch with reality.

Good news for WoW players curious about the outcome: Colleen Lachowicz won her seat.

  • How perfectly this illustrates how out of touch politicians, and extremists (on both sides) have become. Who gives a shit if she plays WoW, checkers, Chutes & Ladders, or strip poker with her cat. Honest to f#cking God, they try to earth-shattering news out squeezing pimples.

  • Boo

    I wonder how many WoW players that weren’t going to bother voting originally were pissed off enough by this nonsense to do so.

    • Peter Cohen

      not sure, but it seems like a whole bunch donated to her campaign after word got out. So there’s that.