AT&T and FaceTime

AT&T has made a shift in its highly unpopular FaceTime over cellular policies today. Previously, it would allow the use of FaceTime only on Mobile Share plans, now it will allow any LTE device customers (aka those with an iPhone 5 and LTE iPads) on a tiered data plan to use FaceTime over cellular.

That still leaves 3G devices out of the mix. However, there are far fewer LTE devices being used than 3G and I don’t think AT&T’s network could handle all the traffic if they opened it up completely.

  • Still leaves me and my grandfathered unlimited plan unsupported. What bothers me is not that I can’t use this feature (I don’t FaceTime frequently anyway), it’s that they impose limits on my unlimited plan (FaceTime and Tethering/Personal Hotspot), rather than realizing they’ve sold me data and I’ll use it however I want. Particularly since they start throttling at 5GB anyway.

  • AT&T is still evil and controlling as ever. HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS AND EXPAND!!! Don’t make silly excuses and hid in the corner! Stop paying your corporate execs hoards of cash!

    • Tvaddic

      Yesterday they announced they are gonna spend 14 billion dollars expanding.

  • ort888

    You know what’s funny…

    I have AT&T and a Mobile Sharing plan, and I can’t get Factime to work at all. It never connects. Never.

    It’s really frustrating and no one seems to have an answer.

    I can’t even find a person who successfully makes facetime cellular connections… so I have no idea if my problem is widespread or not.

    I was actually looking forward to using the feature and I’ve sort of hit a wall. I don’t know if it’s Apple’s fault or AT&T’s fault, but I feel like I’ve been lied to.

    No one seems to know or care.

  • I’m still amazed that it’s legal to tell me how I can use my data. As well as putting time limits on it. 30 days or 3GB, whichever comes first? Seems like this should be against the law to me.

  • Tvaddic

    I think they didn’t support 3G devices, because some customers may upgrade to an LTE iPhone to use this feature.

  • JohnDoey

    I’ve had an AT&T iPhone since June 2007, an AT&T iPad since 2010. Both of my next iOS devices will be on Verizon because of the FaceTime blocking. That was the last straw. Me and AT&T are done, and the 15–20 friends who follow all my tech decisions are going to Verizon over the next year, too. We all committed to iPhone, iPad, and AT&T. Apple committed back, but AT&T did not.