Apple’s app approval process

Tricia Duryee for All Things D:

Apple has been criticized for a slow approval process before, and many delight in the fact that Google’s Android has none at all.

Okay, I’ve heard about Apple’s approval process slowing down, as it does sometimes, but comparing it to Google is just ridiculous. Android is infested with malware and to not even bring that up is misleading readers.

  • It’s your opinion Android is infested with malware, but that doesn’t make it fact.

    • obsequious

      No, the fact that Android is infested with malware makes it a fact 😉

    • If you had researched it a bit by just clicking the links that he’s providing, you would have seen that it’s not “Jim’s” opinion, it’s the result of a study done by Kapersky Labs.

      • Infested is too strong. Out of hundreds of millions of devices, a virus company out to get more customers states, 9000 attempts were registered. That’s not an infestation, IMHO.

        (Not to say malware doesn’t exist but targeting is far from existing)