Annoying people that annoy you with cell phones

I’m doing this.

  • Jim, you should totally do this, film it, and put it in the Amplified feed. That would be great.

  • I have actually done this in manhattan. Though, I do it without a phone. I literally just join in the conversation with the person on the phone.

  • How is someone talking on their cell phone any more annoying than someone talking to the person standing next to them? Unless they’re being louder than a normal conversation, there’s absolutely no cause for annoyance.

    • gjgustav

      That’s the problem. They are louder. Because they can’t hear the person on the other end as well as if they were beside them, they tend to assume it’s the same in the other direction so they speak louder.

      • Everyone in this video is standing a respectable distance away from the people around them. They’d have to be talking awfully loudly in order to qualify as a disturbance – like the disturbance the prankster in this video is causing them.

        • gjgustav

          I was speaking from personal experience.

          • Fair enough, but my point isn’t that people can’t be annoying when talking on their cell phones. It’s that they can’t all be. It’s totally context-based. And yet many treat it as a cardinal sin to talk on your cell phone in public, full stop.

    • Bill Harlow

      Hearing one side of the conversation can actually be more distracting than hearing both people conversing. Your mind tries to fill in what you can’t hear and it ends up taking up more of your attention.

  • lol!

  • Man on the train, in the Quet Carriage: “blah blah yeah, I’m on a train, blah blah”

    Me, a little too loudly: “I’m on a horse”.


    This is classic tho. And also a reason why I NEVER want voice calls available on planes.

  • I think you can add Siri/dictation (any device, not just iPhone) to this list too. A hilarious video could be made of people talking to their devices but people near them keep responding to their remarks. 🙂

  • Kris Hunt

    This makes no sense. These people are outside, in a wide open area. It’s only annoying when they’re indoors and fail to use their inside voice.