Google’s Nexus support sucks balls

You can’t treat your customers like this Google. Don’t be evil.

  • This is why guarding the Apple Stores should be the highest priority.

  • Dan Pierce

    This has always been Google’s weakness: customer service.

    • After the first debacle that Google had with “going it alone” with the Nexus One I dont know why people would buy directly from Google.

      It has been over 2 years and Google still hasn’t learned about one of the most important things when it comes to consumer products.

  • Techpm

    Unfortunately after-sales service does not appear on spec sheets, benchmarks or even most reviews.

    Apple should really get more credit for this, the ability to go to a store and getting any faulty units replacement in minutes – for a single fixed cost too if you broke it yourself – shouldn’t be so underestimated.

    • In 2011, I brought in to an Apple store my late-2006 24″ iMac due to it having video issues. They laid out the possible causes: connector cable, video card or screen with a replacement cost of $15, $170, $500, respectively. Within a couple of days, they determined it was the video card. So it was $170 + a flat repair fee of $40. And it has been fine ever since.

      Bonus: I also asked them to look at the optical drive as it was no longer working. When I got it back, I noticed they had taped to it a transflash to SD card adapter. It seems that someone(most likely one of my kids) had inserted it into the drive. The optical drive worked fine when I got it home. They did not charge extra for fixing it.

  • Most Google products do involve a lot of ball-sucking, unfortunately. I prefer not involve myself with any ball-related oral tasks, so I avoid Google products.

  • This is why Apple stores are priceless. Excellent, no-bullshit support. Customer support is a HARD problem to solve and it means everything in the world to be able to have a face-to-face conversation with someone who actually wants to help you.

  • Mother Hydra

    Is anyone really surprised save for those trusting idealistic souls that think Google is a good thing? I will smite all of humanity and your petty search engines and all your advertising dollars will burn as I raise unspeakable horrors from the deep. TREMBLE HUMANS!

  • Diego

    Google doesn’t like humans, only algorithms.

  • Guest

    I develop for Android, and while I love many things that Google has done, their customer support is absolutely abysmal, and so is their developer support! I can’t believe that many of their online properties don’t even have any way for you to contact them via phone or email, and even when you do get a hold of someone, the information is not always helpful and sometimes contradicts other Google sources.

    The only real exception that I have found is Adwords — they are the one Google property where customer support has been decent and friendly. Google Play or other Google-owned properties? Forget it.

  • Utterly terrible. Apple, to me, has the best customer support of any industry…hands down.

  • Pele

    Google Customer Service sucks!! I have been kept on communicated with them regarding how to get the replacement device over 40 messages including my replied…. always said we are working with RMA team or specialist regarding my case. Now, over a month still no replied no updated. Funny is when I called them back regarding my issue, they ask me back my full name, my device IMEI#….haha no record at all. What a joke!!!