Frictionless experience

Apple’s true advantage is when applications are available across all three platforms, offering a device-optimized and consistent experience no matter what I am using.They offer a frictionless experience.

  • This is definitely a considerably plus for a stack.

    I do think Microsoft goes one beyond what Apple can. Microsoft has phone, tablet, PC and XBox.

  • “They’re betting the future is the present – a full multitasking enabled, file-system revealing environment. “

    They have bet incorrectly. There will always be the niche that believes the file manager is a must have even on a portable device but they are already in the minority. If they were a market demographic to be reckoned with, wouldn’t the Windows based Tablets that have existed for years actual be selling?

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  • imthedude

    It’s true. I’m super pissed Apple won’t see off contract iPhone 5’s yet. I just don’t want a contract, pretty simple. But they just won’t take my $750+. They won’t even tell me when I CAN buy one. (I noticed if I live in Canada, I can do that for some reason)

    The reason I don’t switch off is because I like the iPad, I like the Mac, and I like the iPhone. All parts work together smoothy, and if I throw an Android wrench in there, I know I will regret it. (Not to mention my iOS usually work on both devices, saving me money)