Drunk Jennifer using Microsoft Windows 8


  • “The silver potatoes” made me laugh.

  • Ralph

    It’s a PC, not a Surface device. No touchscreen.

    • Boo

      Read the titles. Its about Windows 8 not Surface.

      • Daniel

        The title was “Drunk Jennifer using a Surface”… still shows like that in my feedreader.

        Still: Hilarious

  • Boo

    “I feel like I’m being punished”


  • I feel like being drunk was the only thing that prevented her from launching the laptop across the room.

  • Evan

    You don’t need to be drunk to realize that Windows 8 is an unmitigated disaster for usability. Microsoft needs to kill Metro entirely for desktop. Just killing the name Metro is not enough. If you must use Windows 8, then install Classic Shell immediately or you will go crazy. If you don’t then you best get some tequila because face it – you are being punished!

  • I liked her remark when faced with the prospect of being forced to use Internet Explorer to browse the internet.

  • Player_16

    My gawd, that was a fuckin’… treasure hunt!

  • Awesome

  • Oddly enough, you can get the same response from people using Windows 8 when they’re completely sober.

  • deviladv

    “Who wants to use Internet Explorer? That’s like suck my ass.”


    That needs to be a meme.

    • Player_16

      After really thinking about it, …what do you get out of it?

  • lucascott

    I didn’t find it that funny, painful is more like it. Felt scripted and staged for the most part. Being a member of the film industry probably has me biased.

    Now set up in front of a local bar right after Happy Hour and we could have some real fun.

  • Daniel

    Hahaha subliminal propaganda norin more or less and im not a mac user how much did they pay u?way cheap dude

    • No. Seriously. How much have you drunk?

  • Daniel

    So folks go like yeah bhoa I know how 2 use thishit oh man shes so dum and then u go sober try it and still stuck. Man u sukk big time. Like the worst example since da beginning of mankind

  • Winski

    Send Bomber to do some homegrown tech support… Oh, I forgot… Bomber doesn’t know a single thing about computing, software or UI’s…..

    Off to the Apple store…l

  • Losedows8

    The Mayan calendar has predicted that the Microsoft empire would collapse by the end of 2012.