Cool way to paint a guitar

Every guitar would be unique.

  • Wow. I want to do this with half of everything I own. Wow.

    • Steven Fisher

      I want to do this to about half of each thing, as opposed to half of my things. 🙂

  • I once saw a video of this technique being used to apply a camo pattern to a rifle. I thought it was interesting at the time, but this is a way cooler use of the idea.

  • stsk

    Sounds like Nigel Tufnel and David St.Hubbins, but cool technique.

  • This is a classic, classic technique. Endpapers for fine books have been made this way for hundreds of years. Roger Dean used this technique for some of his classic rock album art.

  • Ibanez did with with some of the original Universes, a GIS for UV77MC shows a bunch.

  • Player_16

    X L Ent!