BlackBerry 10 likely dead on arrival

“We believe BB10 is likely to be DOA,” James Faucette, a Pacific Crest analyst in Portland, Oregon, said in a report. He has the equivalent of a sell rating on the shares. “We expect the new OS to be met with a lukewarm response at best and ultimately likely to fail.”

Well, RIM has its patents.

  • Daniel Compton

    Because analysts are always the most reliable source of tech news.

  • To be fair, Apple’s gadgets have been DOA for years, according to many analysts and tech writers. 😀

    • Domicinator

      These are the same writers that dubbed the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone as failures before the general public could even get their hands on one, have been predicting the failure of Apple every year for the last 20 years, and call every new product that isn’t Android a “bore”, as if Android has been changing like crazy and everyone else hasn’t. Android is in refinement mode just like iOS is. It’s not doing anything new and groundbreaking. Same thing for Windows Phone, really. You’re still just tapping on boxes to launch apps, or scrolling through lists of stuff.

      Here’s what I don’t get–most of the time when pull out your phone to do something, are you futzing around with the OS and marveling at all its wonderful settings and options, or are you updating your Facebook status? Seriously, how revolutionary do people want the process of launching an app to be? The real problem is that people are bored. Tech pundits and consumers alike. To quote Louis CK, “everything is amazing and we’re all miserable.” Any smartphone you own is a miracle. 10 years ago, were you able to whip out your phone and video chat with someone instantly?

      Not lashing out at you, Ukrainian. Just making an observation.

  • Agreed. From what we’ve seen from BB10, as nice as it seems to be, it doesn’t seem groundbreaking enough to succeed. Two years ago a beautiful mobile OS came out (Windows Phone) and never found success, even with all the marketing behind it. Same with WebOS before that.

    Good work. But it needs to be truly amazing to have a chance against iOS and Android, and to be it soon enough.