The Apple Haters’ 7 Stages of Grief

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

  • thedoctor101

    L to the freakin OL

  • Ha. Nailed it.

  • I believe that Apple haters are the succession of the people who tried to kill Galileo Galilei when he said that the earth is round and moves around the sun and not the opposite.

  • LMBO!

  • Ano

    What if it just simply disgusts you how they perpetuate the throw away generation?

    • Which “they” are you referring to? Perhaps the manufacturers who churn out millions of disposable feature phones that nobody writes about?

      Apple products have a fairly high resale value and often see a great deal of use over a long life. Anybody who, say, throws away his old iPhone when buying a new one is simply being foolish.

  • satcomer

    He forgot the paid iHaters that are paid by Samsung.