Absolutely one of my favorite and most used apps on iOS and Mac.

  • Agreed 100%. It is by far the best on either platform I’ve used.

  • Same Here.

  • Tbolt


  • Jamie Palmer

    Couldn’t agree more…been using it for years now and it keeps getting better and better. This coupled with “Pocket” and I rarely need a browser…

  • With you on this one. Yet, might I ask as to why you felt you had to reiterate your endorsement at this time? Might there be a new version for either Mac or iPad on its way that we lowly peasants haven’t seen yet?

    Huh? Huh? HUH?

  • Was a dyed in the wool Vienna user for years, despite its total lack of an iOS app or any kind of syncing service. Finally made the switch to Reeder when I got my iPad a couple of months ago. Have it on my iPad, iPhone and Mac and I absolutely love it. Shame I had to wait so long to find that out.

    • Now imagine how I feel, having switched to Fever when Reeder 3.0 for iPhone was released. Ever since then I’ve been using the good—but nevertheless still a—web app for reading feeds on my iPad and Mac. I desperately want Reeder with Fever support for the Mac and the iPad.

  • Glenn

    Yes. Reeder + TweetBot + Readability is the best news reading trio.

  • Mother Hydra

    Man do I miss reeder, when will it support newsblur? I won’t use google’s reader anymore so I guess I’m boned.

  • Rofl reading this reccomendation for Reeder in Reeder. It’s an awesome app.