One of the best songwriters ever.

  • I heard this guy was in a group before his solo career, but they broke up.

    • FU loser

      I heard you’re stupid and not funny at all.

  • Space Gorilla

    I dig Lennon, but McCartney’s body of work beats him, easily.

    • A little unfair to compare those two.

      • Space Gorilla

        I should clarify, I mean only the time period when both were alive, it’s still McCartney by a mile.

        • djkaye

          quality trumps quantity.

          • Space Gorilla

            I agree. McCartney wins by this measure as well. I never meant raw number of songs written.

          • Jim

            You can not keep saying that. Just because you do does not make it so. People have different opinions. As beholder said, you just happen to be wrong. : P

          • Space Gorilla

            The amount of work McCartney put in on many of Lennon’s songs is not opinion, you can go dig that info up for yourself. Don’t take my word for it. I would guess you’ll be as surprised as I was.

    • In the eye of the beholder

      You guys prefer McCartney – that’s just your opinion – doesn’t make it a fact. In fact you’re wrong hehe.

      • Space Gorilla

        I used to think Lennon was the driving force and real genius, but then I wondered if that was really true. The more I dug into it the more I discovered that even on ‘written by Lennon’ songs McCartney was in there fiddling and adding bits, suggesting recording techniques, and more. I love both, but it does seem clear that McCartney was much more the driving force.

        • Jim

          Clear to you.

        • Despite what forms their collaboration actually took within the Beatles, you’re comparing apples and oranges. McCartney’s work after the Beatles showed his strengths: mostly lighthearted pop with broad appeal and playability in elevators and dentists’ waiting rooms.

          Lennon went in a different direction, creating work that was—as he described it—actually about something. He didn’t try to create hits with lush production values, he wrote rock songs with personal meaning.

          As with Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel, I know which one I prefer to listen to, given a choice.

          The doctor will see you now.

  • Tut

    This piece inspired me to go on YouTube and again check out the old songs from the early 60s. They always make me happy.

    Thanks Jim!

  • True