Android Gingerbread most targeted mobile OS for malware

And Ice Cream Sandwich too. Be safe Android people.

  • Even more of a reason why Google needs to resolve the upgrade problems with Android. Outdated and non-upgradable phones is a problem needing major attention, not just promises.

    • Google made its bed with the carriers. How do they fix that dysfunctional relationship?

      • They are doing it with the Nexus 4: global, unlocked phone. That only solves carrier mess. The biggest mess are with ODMs who build on top of Android (Samsung, HTC, etc.). That I don’t know how they fix.

  • Mobile Antivirus is so 90’s… wow.. wait…

  • That’s what they get.

  • Congratulations to Gingerbread for truly becoming the Windows to Apple’s mobile OS.

  • Player_16

    You just can’t beat open a walled garden.