Amazon challenges Netflix with monthly option

Prime typically costs $79 a year in the United States for free two-day shipping, free video streaming and access to Amazon’s Kindle e-book lending library. The company is now offering the service for $7.99 a month on its website, which works out to $95.88 a year, but at that rate it can be purchased strictly on a month-to-month basis.

This can only be good for consumers.

  • Steven Fisher

    This can only be good for consumers… In the United States.

    Elsewhere, Amazon doesn’t offer shit. And if Netflix is driven under due to Amazon’s pricing, we’ll end up with nothing.

    • It sounds like Steven is moving soon.

      • Steven Fisher

        Ha! No, I’m Canadian. Nothing to do with today’s election. 🙂

    • E K

      Agreed, its all nice if you are in the US. But as a resident of Canada I can only get Netflix and whatever is on iTunes.

  • East Bay Jay

    And let’s get Amazon Prime on the Apple TV

    • It’s on the iPad so I am hopeful.

      • dmx

        If Amazon agrees to drop Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD etc. It really doesn’t make sense for Amazon to enter the tablet world, especially when Amazon is not making any money on it, and also always be a version or 2 behind what Google is serving.

    • kibbles

      the only thing stopping the Amazon Prime video app, available on iPad, from using AirPlay to beam out to an Apple TV is….amazon.

  • No it isn’t yet. No closed captioning support. I’ve written Amazon about it and received the popular refrain (I’ve asked other video streaming companies the same question).

    “We don’t currently support closed captioning and/or subtitles but we’re working on it.”

    We’re in the 21st century and no one (except for Apple, Hulu and Netflix (and now HBO Go)) can figure out how to get the textual information already done for the very same DVD versions embedded into their streams.

  • DMX

    now only if Apple would allow Amazon Prime Video be on Apple TV. Sigh.

    • kibbles

      no, you mean — “If only Amazon would allow their Prime Video app to use AirPlay to an Apple TV. Sigh.”

      clearly its Amazon who doesnt want to allow it.