Windows bloat

Microsoft has revealed exactly how much free space new Surface owners are left with after taking into account Windows RT and system-related files. For the 32GB version of the new tablet, users have access to only 16GB of storage, with the remaining half taken up by Windows recovery tools, Windows RT, Microsoft Office, and built-in apps.

Seriously Microsoft, WTF?

  • Some lawyer out there is probably already looking to recruit people who’ve purchased the Surface for a class-action suit.

  • Kyle

    Windows 8 won’t even roll out of bed for a device with less than 20 GB total space.

    How my bootcamp partition got that small is a whole nother question.

  • Ed Bott was raving that you guys were talking nonsense, you can just slap an SD card and away you go. Some people will defend anything.

    • lucascott

      I shouldn’t have to. I don’t need a tablet that can hook up to everything in the world so let me decide to download that software, etc.

      Frankly this would be a major reason I would not get a Surface. If the RT software is this bloated imagine the ‘pro’. 32gb model would probably have like 2GB of usable space

    • Yes, but he’s also the Admiral in the Douchecanoe Navy; you must take that into consideration.

  • How can 8 possibly take up this much space and not support Win32? They obviously made no attempt whatsoever to customize the OS for the ARM chip.

  • Popura_Taneshima

    Probably they still include all normal x86 driver in their OS. Driver for certain motherboard, certain GPU, certain etc.