Microsoft’s retail experience from hell

Some things just don’t make sense.

  • Dhaulagiri

    Kind of embarrassing you would even link to something so poorly written

  • Very poor article. I had a much worse experience at the iPad 3 launch in Plano’s Apple Store but it hardly seems fit to whine about it, which is exactly what the author appears to be doing. He waited and got his devices. Lack of cheering employees when he left the store?? Sounds good to me.

  • The comments below that article are a collection of Apple-Hater’s Finest…

  • I avoid Apple retail at all costs. Though I may use the iPhone app to purchase my iMac in December. It’ll probably still take me an hour to get in the store and find someone to help me…

    Unfortunately, the charm and usefulness of more popular Apple retail locations is mostly gone. They’re too crowded, and the people working the floor are amongst the most technically illiterate I’ve come across since the days of CompUSA.

  • janakj

    Be very careful about this assertion. 🙂 I was on the line for the iPhone 3G, and it was epically bad (4-5 hours), as Apple required AT&T activations in-store and the servers couldn’t handle the load. A friend of mine stood in line for the 3GS and had a similar nightmare. And, of course, the iPhone 4 preorder for shipment was a nightmare of reloading pages.

    Apple’s gotten it much smoother now due to incredible amounts of experience.

  • Aidan

    Not the best article you’ve linked to. Im the last person to defend M$, but the author seems very biased, the article is full of inaccurate claims about the Apple store experience being perfect (I have been asked outside which product I was in line for, for example), and while it took too long, it was hardly the retail experience from hell.