Microsoft Surface sucks for Web surfing

Mark Hattersley for Macworld UK:

Independent benchmark tests by Futuremark have revealed that Microsoft’s Surface tablet is surprisingly slow at web browsing. When run through the Peacekeeper: Universal Browser Test, the Microsoft Surface speed test came out at just 348, almost third of the result from the new Apple iPad 4’s score of 951. The Surface also scored slower than the Apple iPad mini (515), Nexus 7 (489) and even last year’s Apple iPhone 4S model (438). In fact, the Microsoft Surface only just beat the Eee Pad Transformer Prime (344).

Keep trying, Microsoft. I’m sure you’ll get it right someday.

Probably three years after the rest of the industry has moved on to something else.

  • EzraWard

    Whew, that was close. I almost bought one of these. Good thing I read Mac sites to let me know that the Surface is slower in a synthetic web benchmark. /s

    • Mother Hydra

      I encourage you to use one STAT. See for yourself how awful it is and how confused an experience Win 8 RT is. completely unusable because you never know what to expect.

      • EzraWard

        I was going for a tiny bit of sarcasm there. I’m getting a Surface Pro early next year. Should go along well with a new Mac mini and a Lumia 920.

        • A rep in MS store told me they’ll cost north of 1k. Sure, I think he pulled that out of his ass, but I frankly don’t expect those to be cheap. And fans? OMG. Wtf.

          • EzraWard

            It’s an ultrabook in tablet form. I know what I’m getting. With the power of an i5, I understand that fans will be inevitable. On price, I expect it to be around $1000, but not too much more.

          • studuncan

            So just like a MacBookAir, with worse performance.

          • EzraWard

            Not out yet, impossible to know exact performance.

  • mrvkino

    The link is not working. The header link is missing an “ht” at the beginning of the address.

  • Mother Hydra

    Oh my spaghetti monster the lag is horrid! I haven’t experienced that level of frustration since dial-up days on Win 95 and IE. wait wait wait wait. And then it was back to my iPhone 5’s speedy LTE connection. bliss!

  • I’m going to bet that Netscape could make a massively successful comeback before Microsoft gets it right …

  • I wonder how much better it is if you install Chrome and set it as default. #options

    • Techpm

      The Surface RT currently on sale doesn’t allow other browsers, only the Surface Pro (when and if that one comes out)

      • Hrmm…I could’ve sworn it was allowed but you could be absolutely right. I’m not in the office to confirm it on our Surface though.


        • Firefox is working on a Metro version. Chrome’s not Metro yet, I think. For obvious reasons, doubt we’ll see a Metro Safari anytime soon.

          Regardless, IE 10 is a fast browser. I think we’ll find out it’s not a browser problem. Also to be fair, it’s not like iPhone 4S was very slow at browsing or anything… so this isn’t a disaster. It’s just typical Microsoft.

          • Agreed on Safari. lol.

            True on typical Microsoft. IE has been horrendous for years so expecting different on Surface is just wrong. lol.

            IE 10 is supposed to be pretty good but I think 11 is where it’ll be sweeter and 12 will hit the mark, if they keep on the path they are now.

          • You might want to check this video out to see how well it does.


          • I’ve used one so I’m aware of how it performs.

          • Techpm

            Firefox Metro will not run on Windows RT though. That was confirmed by Mozilla developers, they say Microsoft is not opening up the necessary APIs

    • Asif

      You can’t install other browsers on Surface RT.

      • Gotcha.

        No worries. It’ll get there.

        • Asif

          It won’t. The desktop won’t be unlocked on ARM as per the current Microsoft’s strategy.

      • studuncan

        Or plugins.

  • Asif

    Hey, Peter. I think it’d help if you at least try to look like you’re not biased.

    Despite I think Surface RT is a poor product, I prefer to have at least the naive illusion that the people I rely on for news would give me the actual news on both sides, and not pass it all through some “LOL SURFACE SUXORS” filter.

    • Peter Cohen

      If you expect unbiased reporting at the Loop, you’re in the wrong place.

      • Every site has a bias. It is expected and must be taken into account when you choose to follow one.

        • Peter Cohen

          Some are just more obvious about it than others. Jim and I make no secret of our open contempt of things which we dislike.

          • Yep. Some of it disturbs me (hence some of my comments) but I respect the honesty. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t stay a part of the community. 🙂

            Keep the torch lit!

      • Wait. Do you mean you use this site to express your opinion, and not the ‘factual drivel’ shoveled onto your plate from PR robots?

        WTF? I want my money back!

  • Boo

    Just tried out Windows 8 an hour ago. I found it a very awkward and clunky interface. A real step down from Windows 7, especially if you aren’t using a touch based computer.

  • Manuel

    Would be interesting to know the number for Kindle Fire HD. I had a chance to test the browser and scrolling was pretty bad. On the other hand, the iPad Mini also saw a tiny lag at scrolling which is weird because it should be the same like my iPad 2 which never shows any lag at all. Anyone had the same experience?

  • iPadCary

    Does anybody really care about what Mi¢ro$oft does? I mean REALLY?!? Sheeesh ….

  • Trey Drier

    I own the Surface RT so I can speak from experience. Its a good product. I prefer it over my iPad 2. Sure, it has a few shortcomings but so does the iPad. And keep in mind, Apple has stopped innovating so the competition is catching up quickly.

    I actually like the new Metro interface. Those who say “you’ll never get used to it” have never used it. Its as simple as they come. It replaces the “Start” button – wow, how confusing… LOL! The screen resolution is superb and performance is very good so far. As far as browsing goes, I agree the iPad is faster but I do not believe it is 3X as fast. The fact that the surface has a snap-in keyboard (not bluetooth thank you!) is very nice. Don’t kid yourselves, its a good product and its only going to get better.