Looking forward

Interesting thoughts. Tim remains Tim and Jony sort of takes Steve’s role, restoring the balance.

  • Steven Fisher

    This sounds a lot like what the Steve Jobs/John Sculley relationship was supposed to be. I hope it works out better than that did.

    • Anders

      In what way? Jony Ive is not Steve Jobs and Tim Cook is definitely not John Sculley.

      • I think he meant that when Steve Jobs hired Sculley to be Apple’s CEO this was the organization chart: someone to administrate the company (Sculley/Cook) while Jobs (now Ive) was doing the creation work.

        That was what Apple and Steve Jobs wanted when they hired Sculley.

        • That’s not what Jobs wanted. He wanted full control, they just wouldn’t give it to him. So, he hired his own boss and proceeded to manipulate him in every way he could until it stopped working.