Google says court dismisses Apple’s patent lawsuit

“We’re pleased that the court has dismissed Apple’s lawsuit with prejudice,” a Google spokeswoman said in an emailed statement on Monday.Dismissal of a case with prejudice means the case is over at the trial court level, though it can be appealed.

  • Dave Brandt

    FOSS Patents also says it, so now I believe them.

  • Good.

    • rattyuk

      Actually this just falls back to October 2013… There were other cases.

      Also your “good” is a bit disingenuous you realize this was Apple trying to fight Motorola’s outrageous demands for 2.5% of the end price of a unit for using a chip that Apple paid for?

      I’ll say that again. Googorla are demanding 2.5% of the end price of a device for a chip that contains standards encumbered patents.

      This means that if the same chip were in a car or a house for example the royalty rate would be through the roof even though the component costs around 10 bucks.

      • 2.5% of $499 is $12. Apple wanted $35/device from Samsung for bounce back. :-/ I am aware of standards/etc but just saying it doesn’t seem too crazy too me, or the judge apparently.

        Call my comment what you want but had it been the other way, Google or Motorola losing a suit, I’d say the same thing.

        I’m against all of this patent litigation and if these companies keep losing, hopefully it’ll stop them from frivolous suits.