Apple sells 3 million iPads in three days

Apple today announced it has sold three million iPads in just three days since the launch of its new iPad mini and fourth generation iPad—double the previous first weekend milestone of 1.5 million Wi-Fi only models sold for the third generation iPad in March.

So much for the people that said it wasn’t going to sell.

  • Dave

    That’s only three months worth of zero-margin Nexus 7 sales for Google. I expected much better. kidding

  • And it wasn’t 3,000,001 because I can’t afford…you know.. crysis are hiting very hard in my country 😛

  • tylernol

    So I guess all those analyst’s expert predictions were a bit off again, eh?

  • But there were no lines at the Apple Stores! No lines I tell ya!

  • Vamsmack

    Oh man can you imagine if they had SHIPPED 4 million though. That’d be a different story.

  • Well I expected them to sell 4 million, so this is a massive failure in my eyes and analysis. Plus, how come they always sell in such exact round numbers? There’s something fishy there.

  • Dan Pierce

    I wonder what the ratio of iPad mini to 4th gen was of that 3 million?

  • There’s no pleasing some people. On a couple of sites the fact that the iPad4 and iPadMini weren’t broken down is a sign of weak sales.


    • tylernol

      not surprising that the haters will try to focus on thus. Whatever the breakdown, it is still a lot of iPads that go into circulation and bring Apple profits. Google and Amazon cannot sell that many combined in a month, even at zero margin.

      • Did Apple ever break down iPod sales numbers by device? Not granularly.

        iPad is a category now. In the end the iPad mini may be the more device. But all Apple cares about is that you’re buying an iPad.

        • tylernol

          definitely , but I hope Apple quickly brings the manufacturing costs down quickly on the Mini so they keep good margins.

          • I’m not too worried about Apple’s margins.

            But I think anyone hoping for a price drop on the iPadMini in the short term is going to be out of luck. This time next year it will be upgraded to Retina at the same price point. Maybe in 2 years we could see a price drop to $299 but the iPadMini3 is a long way off.

            It will be more interesting to see if Amazon and Google can continue to sell their devices at near to no margins in the long term.

          • tylernol

            it sounds like Apple will get good margins on the Mini as soon they get that new screen process optimized. It is interesting to note that TI , Amazon’s ARM SOC vendor, has bailed on the tablet market ,even with their Kindle design wins. That seems to indicate TI thought they could not make any money off the space. So another aspect to this space is how much can Qualcomm and Nvidia, the other remaining major SOC vendors, deal with the BOM price pressure put on them for bargain Android tablets in a race to the bottom price war?