This could be trouble for Google

Think about how this could eat away at Google’s business, especially considering newspapers in Brazil only saw a 5% drop in traffic.

  • Steven Fisher

    How much of Google’s income is derived from advertising on news vs. basic search?

    I use news search more frequently than web search, but I imagine I’m in the minority.

  • Jacson Querubin

    Big Brazilian News corporations don’t know web (as do good journalism). A lot of people doesn’t even access their content. But there are people who do.

    Despite the fact that is Google (I don’t give a damm about google, apple, big corps, all they want is money and screw you). The sad part is that what is the next step? taking down the feeds?

    Well, I pay for feeds or good journalism – they deserve that. In Brasil, journalism is a joke with these companies. Globo,Estadão, Folha, Veja, Exame, Época, you can get enyone, they are all a bunch of crap.

    If the next target is tweets? FB posts?

    BTW, when real needs that the Brazilian Journalists needs, the ANJ says nothing… (Yesterday a big and historical Brazilian Journal was closed “jornal da tarde”. Where is ANJ?, when the Brazilian Journalist, Tim Lopes was murdered, where were ANJ? poor journalists and people… it’s worst in Brasil, but it’s not far from USA/CA and other countries.)