Battle of the flagships headphones


One man’s quest to find the greatest headphones ever made!

Holy crap. This is without a doubt the single most exhaustive review of anything I’ve ever read in my life. Utterly insane the amount of time, money and effort this guy poured into this review. (hat tip to Dan Frakes for the link)

  • I expect nothing less on Head-Fi. This looks awesome.

  • Luke

    It’s impressive, but after all of this work, the end result is just a subjective, biased opinion. It would have been great if the reviewer had googled “double-blinded testing” before doing all of that work; without any blinding, the result is completely meaningless.

    What he’s done is a bit like pressing pretty stones against his head to determine which ones make the best healing crystals, eventually picking the one that was colored red because he liked the color.

  • Paul

    This was a great list, very informative (well, to a fellow audiophile nerd), and just a wonderful article for reference!

    And to people (like Luke) who think that objectivity is the only method that matters, we should keep two things in mind:1) there would need to be over 1000 pairs of cans compared to do this, which would be a waste of time because 2) hearing is subjective.

  • I’ve never been an audiophile, but I’m encouraged to see that my headphone brand is represented on the list, if not my specific lower-priced model.