Android’s 290,000 high risk apps

Of the 412,222 Android apps evaluated from Google Play, Bit9 says more than 290,000 of them access at least one high-risk permission, 86,000 access five or more and 8,000 apps access 10 or more permissions “flagged as potentially dangerous.”

Great news for Android… oh wait.

  • I hate to say it, but it didn’t stop Windows… The difference between being good and being good enough and cheaper is often worth the risk.

  • MacsenMcBain

    Wait ’til the Ethiopian kids hear about this…

  • Luke

    Meanwhile, we have no clue how many iOS apps do this, because unlike Android, iOS apps don’t expose this kind of access explicitly. But yeah, of course, Android sucks.

    • I agree Android store does a much better job exposing what an app requests to access before you install it.

      Apple has implemented some limitations and notifications in iOS 6 at least. But it took the public becoming aware that a shitload of dodgy apps where uploading the contents of their address books before Apple did a thing. Closed = winning. 🙂

    • Came here to say this. Jim needs to stop being so damn one-sided. At least when Gruber bashes Android, he points out what’s right and wrong and compares it to other platforms.

      Of course, Jim probably has never extensively used anything non-Apple, so he’s likely the worst person to ask about a proper comparison of…well…anything.

  • This is akin to iOS contact debacle. Take ‘wins’ his you can get them though. It helps rally the base. 🙂

  • Byrn

    Your defensive because you know deep down android sucks