Microsoft & Jessica Alba

Good for Om for asking what the deal was between them (twice).

  • “Good for Om”? Really? Why? It’s blindingly obvious it’s a paid endorsement deal. Happens all the time. Nothing to see here…move along…

    • you don’t get sarcasm, do you?

      • LOL Yup. And I promise you, Malik wasn’t being sarcastic. He was being a douchebag though. 🙂

  • Luke

    I’m not entirely sure if Om’s article is clever satire, pointing out just how incredibly vapid and shallow most tech reporting is. Breaking news: Jessica Alba receives money for showing up at events! Real investigative journalism at work!

  • Peter Cohen

    This entire article must have been taking the proverbial piss. Like this line: “One of the more exciting parts of the launch was onstage appearance of actress and mom (twice over) Jessica Alba.”

    Seriously? That was an exciting part?

    • Maybe making her a mom was the exciting part…

  • BorealMal


  • …yeah, because Apple probably pays nobody to promote their products. cough