AMBER Alerts in Google Search and Maps

Today we are launching AMBER Alerts coordinated by National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) in the Google Public Alerts platform. Public Alerts are designed to bring you emergency alerts when and where they’re relevant to you, and AMBER Alerts aim to help bring abducted children home safely.

Good move, thanks Google.

  • Jeff

    It’s not well-know, but AMBER Alerts are also built in to iOS. Check the bottom of the Notification Center page in Settings. Pairing them with maps seems like a good move on Google’s part.

    • Jeff

      known*. I accidentally a letter.

    • lucascott

      Not so much since you have to go into said features to get the alert. With Apple’s style it is pushed to the device no matter what you are doing. Seems the more potentially effective way

      • Steven Fisher

        The capability is there, but has Apple ever used it?