Google Voice Search for iOS

Google did a great job with this.

  • You are such a fanboy! You always talk trash about google!


  • Pros – Faster and better voice recognition, Clean UI, support much more languages.

    Cons – On the iPhone Its a App, so can’t compete with SIRI (to control the whole device) ; Voice reply assistent only available in English (US).

    At the end, it’s indeed a great job by Google. Apple should work FASTER and BETTER on SIRI. The irony, this app was only approved (after 3 months) after Scott Forstall got fired, so maybe he was the guy that was holding this app… 😛

  • I was blown away by this. I’ve tried several times to make use of Siri on my iPad but it always ends in frustration. Apple have their work cut out for them.

  • tylernol

    I cannot get it to work accurately for me. Yes it comes back with an answer quickly(Siri “thinks ” too long sometimes), but for example:

    me: “are there any thai restaurants nearby?” Google: “I love you bye” Siri: “are there any thai restaurants nearby?”

    • It has worked wonderfully for me. Much better than Siri.

    • Steven Fisher

      I, too, have found its recognition slightly worse than Siri. Though with the speed it works at, I can try again.

      But more significantly, even when it understands me it does a fairly poor job of returning relevant results, and of course has few actions to speak of. Certainly I’m not going to use this when I’d otherwise use Siri. But if I’m planning on saying “Search the web for…” I might say “Open Google” instead.

  • killer app. I absolutely love voice recognition on my android, using it right now to type this, so to have it on my iPad and it be on par with Android is absolutely amazing.

  • This is how Siri should be. I should see the words I’m speaking on my screen and it should be at least as fast as Google’s new search. Google’s voice search works so quick it makes me think all the processing is being done on my phone, and not on Google’s servers.

  • It’s useless to me.

    Pros -Fast

    Cons -doesn’t leave enough time for me to breath in between words. -Can’t do any of this! Wake me up at 7, Take me to the closest Starbucks, Take me home, Set timer for 12 minutes, tweet, email, txt message, facebook, play music, take me to brians house, call dad on his cell phone, need I go on? And all of this without EVER looking at the phone.

    Obviously the people who like this do not use Siri.